Doug's Seafood

Rhonda, Doug and their granddaughter, Cassie

     Doug and Rhonda Anderson summer in their home state of Maine, where they operated Doug's Seafood for over 6 years. It was a small take-out stand in Port Clyde that featured fried seafood baskets (haddock, clams, scallops, shrimp) and delicious lobster and crab rolls. In 1985, when they opened their first seafood business, the New York Times declared Doug's lobster roll as one of the best in Maine. Doug and Rhonda are well known in Maine for their famous fish chowder and lobster stew. They have spent their lives working in the seafood industry and have carried on a tradition passed down through generations. Today they are continuing to pass this onto their children and grandchildren.      
     Doug grew up in a fishing family. His career began at the age of six with two lobster traps that he tended with his grandfather, "Fod" Davis. Doug has commercially fished for almost every species sought after in New England and he spent many years as the captain of large scallop boats out of New Bedford, Massachusetts. In 1991, he returned to the lobster industry. At one time there were four generations of his family actively lobstering in Port Clyde. During the 1980s, Rhonda operated their fish market and restaurant in Rockland, Maine. She also raised two children and ran their household while Doug was away fishing.     

     In 2008, because of the economic decline in the lobster industry, Doug decided to bring fresh, live lobster and other seafood to Southwest Florida. The first year he operated out of his pickup truck. Once he recognized the demand for the product he quickly put together an enclosed, insulated trailer with a self-contained lobster tank. That worked out very well and we continued using the trailer to sell lobsters and fresh New England seafood at various farmers markets. In 2012, Doug decided that it was time to open a seafood market in Bonita Springs. He asked his granddaughter, Cassie, if she would be interested in helping him, learning the business and moving to Florida from Maine. The first year it was just a small seafood market with lobster rolls but we quickly realized more space was needed. In February 2015, the market expanded to more seating and an extended food menu. 

     As many of you may have noticed we opened up another expansion in January 2017! We were able to expand our menu to include many of the fried food favorites from New England. Our decor may be a little rough around the edges for the time being but we're trying. Just remember, you come for the wicked good food! :) Thank you to all of our customers for your continued support! 

Doug's Seafood is a small, family- run fish market that is now open year round. We specialize in New England seafood, but also offer other types such as salmon, swordfish, grouper, and local shrimp. Although we started out mostly as a fresh, fish market, we offer  "Real Maine" Lobster Rolls, homemade chowders, fried seafood baskets and much more. If you're looking for a taste of home or just some good seafood in general make sure to stop in!